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InjureFree technology makes it easy to quickly communicate between people who need to be alerted to an athlete’s condition and status—parents, pediatricians, coaches, and extended caregivers. Have an athlete reporting symptoms of COVID-19 in the system? A COVID-19 test can be delivered right to their door.

It’s critical for organizations to maintain regulatory compliance by collecting and keeping comprehensive records of illness and injury incidents around their team and league. This is especially important where a case of COVID-19 is discovered. InjureFree technology allows administrators to monitor the health of their organization while providing a data-driven view to identify trends and mitigate risk. All required waivers and doctor’s notes can be accessed from one central location by authorized users—making paper forms a thing of the past.


Complete Digital Risk Managment

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Our Partnership


Providing a complete risk management offering.

When administrators combine the Member Management power of SportsEngine HQ with InjureFree's streamlined Risk Management processes, staying organized AND in compliance is easy!

The paired technologies work in harmony to keep your parents, volunteers, and medical staff all connected in real-time. Before a season starts, users are guided through user-specific protocols, including background checks, SafeSport Training, and other State-specific compliance requirements. Your organization customizes the workflow, while tracking the completion status for everyone. 

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Exclusive Offer for SportsEngine Customers

(half-off regular price)

Org pricing is determined by the Number of Teams, Registered Annually

$495 up to 15 teams

$695 16 to 30 teams
$995 31 to 50 teams

Included Services

  • Real-time Analytics Dashboard

  • Daily/Weekly Pulse Reports

  • 1 Custom Incident Forms (Insurance Claims, Concussion Notification  RTP)

  • Coach Reporting Access

  • 1 Free Add-on ($250 value)

  • Waived Set-Up Fee ($450 value)

Providing the Gold Standard

We believe technology should be easy to use AND provide value. Here's how we do it.

Data Insights

Without data, we don't make informed decisions. Admins use InjureFree Data to improve practice and policy.


Software as a Service can leave end-users on their own. SaaS+ means InjureFree users always have training and support.

Top Security

We know keeping our kids safe isn't just your responsibility, it's also ours. We hold ourselves to the highest security standards.


Daily Symptom Monitoring is Centralized & Streamlined

Check Your Boxes

Daily text messages sent to parents, coaches, and all other participants record individual symptoms. Any potential "red-flags" trigger safety protocols, which can be customized to your organization's needs.

Team, league, and club-wide results are then aggregated for administrators, if contact tracing or records need to be provided to state controllers. 


We've Come a Long Way

"Safety First" used to be a thing.

InjureFree is a product of the Agency for Student Health Research. The web-based risk management platform was created in response to the rising concern for athlete safety and the long-term effects of concussions.  After a four year development project, the HIPAA and FERPA compliant technology is empowering child safety initiatives and risk management for youth sports organizations and schools.

InjureFree was designed to be a solution for organizations working to improve player welfare and is focused on providing stakeholders and caregivers a tool for the future.  In use at the youth sports, high school, college and pro levels, InjureFree provides a secure line of communication and creates a virtual “connected care eco-system” between all caregivers.  The data collected is being used by administrators to improve health outcomes within their populations and collectively throughout the world.​


Who Uses InjureFree

Just a few of our partners in the effort to ensure child safety.


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